Agent Banking

Agent Banking

Banking right in your neighbourhood, at your convenience.
Agent Banking is an extension of banking services where transactions are carried out through an agent (PostAgent). This PostAgent is recruited by PostBank and is approved by the Central Bank to carry out agent banking permitted services on behalf of PostBank. The PostAgents are closely monitored by PostBank and the Bank of Uganda to ensure the security of customer funds.

Services offered by PostAgents

  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Cash Deposits
  • Bill payments: Umeme-Yaka, NWSC (National Water & Sewerage Corporation), URA collections (Uganda Revenue Authority)
  • Pay TV (Startimes, Azam, Simba) etc
  • School fees Payments –School Pay
  • Balance Inquiries
  • Mini-Statements

Benefits of PostAgents

  • Ability to access and enjoy banking services conveniently in the neighbourhood.
  • The transport cost burden is reduced since the customer can simply walk to the nearest PostAgent to make a transaction instead of spending on transport to a Bank branch or an ATM.
  • Quick and effortless transactions for customers while avoiding the long queues at the banking hall.
  • Reduces the risk of carrying huge amounts of money for long distances.

PostAgent Locations

  1. Central Region
  2. Western Region
  3. Eastern Region
  4. Northern Region

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