M-Sente, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money Transfers
Post Bank partnered with MTN Uganda to provide the mobile money service. MTN Mobile Money is a service that enables people to send and receive money anywhere in Uganda using their phones. The service operates by using an agent who is the intermediary between the parties in the transaction. The Bank has signed as ordinary and super agents to serve individuals and MTN agents respectively.

Airtel money
Airtel money is a money transfer service offering from Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda limited. The service allows you to load cash into your mobile phone and pay for goods and services as well as transfer cash.

Services Currently Offered:
·     Cash in (deposits)
·     Cash out (withdraws)

Basic Requirements:
Requirements to send/receive money 

Registered customers

Unregistered customers

Valid identification

Their mobile phone

Secret PIN

Have mobile money accounts

Sign the Airtel transaction book

Valid identification

Token ID

Secret code

Can only receive money

Withdraw the whole amount and not partially

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