Postbank Agrocare Loans

Ideal for Kibanja owners, landless people, people who want to expand acreage, or people who are deriving their livelihood from the land

Input Loan

The input loan is a working capital loan to enable you procures agricultural inputs to enhance the productivity and profitability of your agricultural business.
The loan is accessible to anyone that wishes to purchase improved agricultural input such as Seeds, Fertilizers, Crop protection chemicals, Veterinary drugs, Animal and Poultry feeds.

Marketing Loan

The marketing loan is working capital loan to enable you procures agricultural produce and meets associates marketing costs such as Bulking, Handling, Packing and Transportation.

Equipment Loan

The equipment loan enables you finance procurement of agricultural equipment considered necessary to increase production and productivity, value addition and value chain logistics efficiency.

The eligible equipment includes, but is not limited to Tractors and Tractor accessories, OX-Ploughs, Irrigation equipment, Driers, Cleaners, Hullers, other specified processing equipment such as Silos, Milk Coolers and Delivery Trucks.

Seasonal Production Loan

The Seasonal Production Loan helps you finance the acquisition of production and productivity enhancing the resources at Farm level during a given production season of a given commodity.
They are accessible to clients engaging in agricultural production for acquisition of improved input like Seeds and Seedlings, Fertilizers, Feeds, Crop protection, Veterinary Drugs, hire of mechanized equipment for field preparation, hire of labor and meeting marketing- related expenditures.

To acquire any of the four agro Care loans, one must hold a PostBank account and provide one of the following as collateral;

  • Titled properties land titles, motor vehicles and motor vehicle log books, Tractor logbooks and engineering plant logbooks
  • Individual deposits / savings with PostBank Uganda
  • Field crops and livestock on the borrowers, farm
  • Guarantor's savings or Guarantors pledged assets
  • Household chattels (Assets)
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